2 thoughts on “Unlocking the Bible

  1. God brought me to your post yesterday that was written back in May 2016 – When Sifting Comes. I was searching for information about separating the wheat and the tares, and some how stumbled across your post. It was amazing how God took something you had written back in 2016 to bring such encouragement and truth to April 2020.. This post was used in a time that many of us are battling fear and concerns about these uncertain times with this virus spreading. Knowing that God is sifting us right now for a purpose seems to bring much comfort. I believe during this time His kingdom is growing because the gospel is being spread like never before via live services. Your post brought encouragement to me, so I shared it with many others. The responses were amazing. God used me to encourage others by sharing what you wrote, and He used you by sharing your post of His Word back in 2016. May God continue to bless and use your ministry to further the gospel and transform women’s lives with God’s truth. .

    1. Dear Gina, what an encouragement your comment was to me. It is such a reminder that God is always at work and He uses his people according to His ways and timing. These are truly faith testing days and we all need to keep our eyes on the Lord constantly! I pray that the Lord will continue to uphold you, encourage you, provide for you and your loved ones, and use you to minister to others. For such a time as this, Linda

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